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What is the solution to saving kids?

The most preventable aspect of this tragedy is observed drownings. The solution is:

1. Awareness: It is the #1 killer of kids.

2. Over 50% of drownings are observed.

3. The solution is Count to 8™.

What is Count to 8™?

The WAY to RECOGNIZE the need to rescue.

1. If the head is immersed NEVER look away.


3. If you get to 8, don't hesitate.

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Surprising Facts

1. A 100 years ago, swimming wasn't a thing. Swimming is a relatively new sport/recreational activity.

2. The first person to swim across the English channel, Captain Matthew Webb, ended up drowning while swimming across the Niagara river. His official job: dare devil.

3. Well over 50% of the time a child is lost, there is at least one perfect life guard on duty. That is why Count to 8 will immediately reduce drowning.

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